Education and Digital Innovation Division

If you do a little bit of research, you'll see evidence suggesting that DEI "training" doesn't work. So, we're taking a different approach:

Focus on Skill Building and Behavior Change

Find the Gap - Address the Gap

Long-Term Collaboration


Submit a Request for Education

Two individuals participating in active learning

Partner with Us

Let's work together to create effective educational experiences for your team.

Our Process

Once you submit a request, we'll start our collaborative process

Review Request

We'll review your request and reach back out you within 48 business hours to schedule a Needs Assessment.

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Needs Assessment

We will meet with you and other key stakeholders to get a better understanding of your concerns and goals. This is sometimes accomplished in one meeting, and sometimes it requires multiple.

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We'll take the information you share during the Needs Assessment to draft an individualized Education Proposal for you to review, revise, and approve.

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Educational Experiences

We'll facilitate educational experiences based on the jointly-approved proposal. Depending on the nature of the request, this step in the process may last a month or over a year!

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We'll follow up after the educational experiences are completed to measure their efficacy. Information we gain through this step will guide future educational offerings.

Our awesome features